A WILDCARD Item added to our ONLINE STORE!

As a baker, one of my biggest challenges with this mill is that we are not a bakery. If we were  both mill and bakery, every mistake or oddity or learning moment for us in the mill room could be an opportunity in the bakery to produce some baked good inspired by our mistakes or waste or curious moments which we could not quite sell as flour...  But because we are not a  bakery, most of those moments just mean more sacks for the pig farmer to pick up. BUT here's where YOU come in. All of you inspired home bakers-- we want to engage you! Instead of sending our curious moments off for the pigs to eat, we've decided to add a wildcard, limited edition item to our online store -- an item which will sell out and then change into whatever oddity we produce in the mill room that we deem special enough to offer to you home bakers. 

So here we go. Our first WILDCARD item is GRAHAM FLOUR! which for us was actually a byproduct of a byproduct. And here's how we got there:  

We mill for a local brewery (Burial Brewery!) -- cracking wheat then running the cracks over screens so that the brewer does not have to contend with flour mucking up the brewing process. But the flour screened off the grain (that was cracked via the stones set at a distance apart) is not a recognizable flour. It has a loamy constancy. We ran it over a fine screen (1/3 mil) and did some bake testing and then some research, and realized we had invariable produced a graham flour via the process of gradual reduction on a stone mill then bolter. AND so we present to you GRAHAM FLOUR. And for our graham cracker recipe, http://carolinaground.com/recipes/ ! Get it while supplies last!