So this is where you land if you are a bakery or pastry chef/restaurant; it is not a portal to purchase bulk flour for individual needs. Very sorry that we cannot accommodate... The whole idea of this mill was to close the gap between the farm and the bakery here in the South. We hoped to exist outside the commodities market-- give the best possible price to our growers for their grain, while selling flour to our bakers at a price point where they can still turn around and sell a loaf of bread at a price  their customers will accept. It's a tough equation. But we are all trying to make it work. We love our retail/individual customers. They are an essential part of the community supporting this effort. When individuals buy our flour-- engage with this product in their home kitchens, share their bread with family and friends-- they likely may not even realize that by purchasing this flour at a retail price from us, they are also supporting you bakers by helping the equation work.

TO establish a wholesale account with us, please fill our wholesale application found here 

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from the ground up,

Carolina Ground