Thank you for your interest in our flours and grains. Here is some information to assist you with your order:

We mill on demand and send out orders on Monday-Wednesday

Although we sell in pounds, we tend to round up on the 2# and 4# (to 2.2 and 4.4) to ensure you are getting one kilo or two kilos, for those home baker aficionados dedicated to the trusted baker's percentage formula.

The maximum we can ship is 150 lbs.

You should receive an email with tracking info once your order has been processed but there are times when we print out mailing labels, you will receive confirmation, and we still need to actually mill some of the flour that was on the order, so the order may not actually ship out that day...

We ship UPS ground and USPS, and  ship only within the continental United States (sorry!).

We are proud to use Stripe as our online payment method.

For bakeries, restaurants, stores, or institutions please fill out the wholesale application form found in the wholesale drop down menu for access to our wholesale product and price sheet.