The Mill has arrived

The Mill has finally arrived.

When it first left Austria for Tasmania, Australia, it was mistakenly sent to Tanzania. Its records show a journey that involved passage through Denmark, East Midlands, UK, Leipzig, Germany, back to East Midlands(?), London's Heathrow, Sydney, AU, to Hobart, Tasmania... and then
Hobart to
Melbourne onto a ship bound for Long Beach, CA. Other items on the boat with the Mill: stamped metal coins/tokens; safety products; personal effects; vine labels; Zusralian canned abalone; Zustralian wine; drum of parsley herb oil; craftwares; ergologics corkscrew; screw compressor; machine parts returned to supplier; saltwater spares...

Upon arrival in Long Beach, the Mill was put through numerous examinations before it was placed onto a railcar, bonded, for Charlotte, NC. It took only 5 days for the Mill to cross this country by rail, but the check from NCSU to pay for all the processing and shipping charges took 10 days to get to Long Beach, so the customs warehouse in Charlotte kept the Mill hostage, until the check finally arrived. The NC Research Stations arranged to have the Mill picked up. The Salisbury Station did the initial pick up and brought it back to the Station, and then the Waynesville Station came with a flatbed rollback. We all expected the Mill to have been in a crate, but no, it was just on a pallet, exposed for all to see as they drove from Salisbury all the way to Asheville.

What a sight.